Panties Made for men

Should I regard Made for men panties as Clown Pants

Should I regard Made for men panties as Clown Pants

Pantykin – Panties made especially for men

Ok, Ok, I realize I’m back tracking on previous statements about these novelties…..
But I really need help on this subject, so please look on this endorsement as a kind of therapy if you will.

Panties made for men

I have to admit over the years I’ve lived in denial. Deep down in my tormented soul I knew there were unscrupulous people out there making panties made especially for men, that’s correct mens underpants designed and manufactured to look like women’s knickers.
Putting that thought at the back of my mind I chose to live my life and run my web sites as if they didn’t exist. Often there would be topics started on the forum by members who actually gained pleasure in wearing such novelties, sometimes I just avoided those topics and sometimes I simply removed them, especially if I thought the intention of the perpetrator was to use this web site to spam or promote some manufacturer or supplier.
As soon as I saw certain panties made for men brand names a cold shudder came over me, I also felt sorry for those people who could be tempted into blowing money and wearing such items, as if it was an answer for rationalizing their desires to wear sexy lingerie.
For those of you who prefer to wear panties made for men, yes ok I hear your argument/excuse that maybe they are cut in a way that better accommodates the male package, but I totally disagree that panties made for women are any less comfortable, quite the opposite in fact.
Most importantly they are not as sexy as panties made for women, and one important part is missing, that telltale feminine part, the little cotton gusset.
When I say not as sexy, ok some panties made for men can give the appearance of being feminine by the choice of printed fabric and the use of lace, but psychology plays the most important part in wearing panties made especially for women. That my dear panty lover can never be gained from panties made for men in the guise of female knickers …end of story.
Look, if you really want to buy made for men panties, and as part of my ongoing therapy it’s not so hard to find a supplier. Use Google or Yahoo, and search for “panties made for men” you don’t need to come here pretending you can’t find them. Ok I’ve jumped to the conclusion your an affiliate for such products, if not I apologize so I will post some links below for Panties made especially for men which I hope you will find useful.
Maybe one day you’ll become a real man and buy a pair of Victoria’s Secrets or something, I hope so, and I sincerely hope you will return and tell us all how the wearing of female knickershas enhanced your life for the better.Below you will find some useful links to suppliers if your looking for panties made for men. Should you be the type of person who is easily embarrassed, don’t worry I know of some super places who offer a home delivery service if you prefer to shop online.

There is only one small problem, you will need to convince the delivery boy those made for men panties are for somebody else that’s all, so good luck and if you ever need to talk about it …… remember…. we are always here for you if you ever want to overcome your strange fetish.
Panties made for men in the UK, where do we start. Prices are a tad high but how about here for that perfect bulge wrap. Even in Canada you can find panties made especially for men, this is great place to start your search for that perfect panty. Look no further. Probably one of the best known suppliers for panties made for men if you live in the USA. Let’s go shopping girlfriend!
Manties Panties for men in the UK Panties made for men in Canada Panties made for men lets go shopping
Live in Australia? no problem Mate, check out this supplier for panties made especially for men….they’re beauties
Panties made for men in Australia

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3 Comments to "Panties Made for men"

  1. Mimi's Gravatar Mimi
    June 22, 2011 - 2:48 pm | Permalink

    You got me! I had to admit I didn’t know if u were serious or not with that bit of a rant above but I did click on the “suppliers” you listed. It is so perfect that the first one is called Little Woods. lol Dunno if that was intentional but here in the usa (I am in Boston, Ma) that name would be slang for a small hard on. So I went to the men’s section and looked at the undies (ok I looked at the packages in them too) and I had to look at them all to realize you got me. I was totally fooled.
    As for me I am more than a panty wearer. I owned nothing but panties and tons of them in every style until very recently. I dress in fem clothes nearly constantly even in male mode. I also dress to appear female. I love all things femme.
    Recently I ordered some men’s panties on ebay from China. They were the first reasonably priced ones I have seen. They came in a pack of 6 in all pretty colors and they are like a fem high cut, low rise bikini made of nylon in the back and all lace in the front formed into a pouch.They have a little cotton gusset too.
    Funny thing is I feel even more sissy wearing them sometimes. They are very poorly made though and every pair I put on splits not from size issues but from poor construction in the pouch. I repair them but I will stick with wearing real panties.
    Also I joined your site and offer my compliments on a great job you do here. I look forward to exploring it more and hopefully making some real life contacts.

  2. January 9, 2012 - 2:11 am | Permalink

    about a year or so i purchased several pairs of panties from a company body aware they fit so so and i only kept the full lace and the ruffled panties. just goes to show you that the real feeling is in the woman’s stylingand that fit.

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