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Sexy Bridal Panties Make for Great Upskirts

Wedding Upskirt no panties or is she wearing a g-string

Wedding Upskirt

Congratulations – you are getting married. You have got your gown fitted and the invitations are sent. Are you missing anything? Have you considered your bridal lingerie and the consequences? No, well, let the fun begin. Bridal lingerie in the uk and around the world has never been more alluring and memorable than today.

Today’s brides have a myriad of choices in wedding lingerie. No longer just for the honeymoon, but for the wedding itself. Many gowns need a very specific type of bra, often strapless. Strapless bras have never been more comfortable. You want to look your very best so be sure to find a bra that is supportive and shows off your breasts to their best advantage especially for those who like a Down the Blouse picture. For very fitted gowns, you may want a bustier. Bustiers not only show off cleavage beautifully, they can also help squeeze in those rolls of fat. Not quite an hourglass, but if the diet never lasted or it didn’t work then every little helps.

Wedding Upskirt no panties or is she wearing a g-string

Wedding Upskirt no panties or is she wearing a g-string

You must also consider your bridal underwear.
Heavens forbid you will choose any old knickers from your panty drawer – you need something pretty and sexy, so be sure to choose a pair that matches your gown and minimizes those panty lines…….on second thoughts it might be an idea to encourage people to ogle your ass to make him jealous, so yes what the hell show those damn panty lines, besides I also think they are very sexy. Just thinking about them now is making me stiff.
Tip: If your lacking in the breast area you might want to consider some cup packing, wedding dresses by their design are not very flattering for those with tiny boobies.

You might want to consider the risk of having a slight accident is very high when wearing a hooped dress.  A slight lean, or even climbing some stairs will (as soon as you can say “I do”) expose your white lacy panties, white stockings and garter belt for the world to see.
Feel satisfied you have made thousands of voyeurs very happy with some candid wedding upskirt shots. I for one love the wedding upskirts probably more than any other type of Upskirt. Maybe it’s because we as voyeurs are viewing your private bits before the groom does, maybe it’s because white is the sign of innocence, I just know I get terribly hard when I see such pictures and the need to spank the monkey is overwhelming. So please, please, please, if nothing more just consider us Upskirt lovers when choosing your bridal lingerie.

Here’s another tip. Always carry a spare set of white panties with you. Obviously you won’t be carrying a purse or handbag, so tuck a pair safely away somewhere for instance tuck a pair down your Bra.
Why is that? you ask.
Well getting married can be traumatic. Due to the unknown, or apprehension, getting married can be a very nerve racking experience. You may have doubts about the guy, your wondering if he’s cheating (most do) and whether you will end up being another statistic – one of the 2 in 3 that will end up get divorced, and in all probability you will be. Well look if he’s extremely rich don’t let that worry you, look how the wife of Tiger Woods has come out of it.
So back to the point in hand. One of the effects of being nervous prior to the ceremony is butterflies and the tightening of the stomach muscles which causes sometimes the uncontrolled urgency to evacuate one’s bowels. In some cases this will be diarrhea which is very messy. So as I mentioned previously always carry a spare pair of knickers so you can do a swift change, or make sure you are wearing a very heavy pantyliner, you should be wearing one anyway with white knickers, especially if you have a vaginal discharge.

There is nothing more disappointing than seeing a wedding upskirt with that tell tale sign of nervousness.

Wedding Upskirt No Panty Classic case of nerves and no spare Panties

Wedding Upskirt Classic case of Nerves and no Spare Panties

So when shopping for your sexy bridal lingerie set, consider the mood you want to set on your honeymoon. Of course, you want to feel sexy and erotic, but will you also want some fun and flirty options. Many brides choose elegant bridal lingerie such as white satin or silk lacy panties for the first night of the honeymoon. Many bridal lingerie sets are embellished with pearls or sequins, but consider steering away from the norm.
Depending on how long you have known this guy in most case you have been banging him prior to the wedding. You no doubt have experimented and done all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Well how about buying yourself a dominatrix outfit for the wedding night, black stiletto heels, and a black PVC or rubber skin tight body suit. Buy yourself a leather paddle, and when you exit the bathroom in the bridal suite tell him he has been a naughty boy and mummy is going to make his ass red with a beating. He will be blown away trust me.

Wedding Upskirt White Panty

Wedding Upskirt White Panty How not to stand with toes pointed in, knees slightly bent, giving the impression you want to pee

Here’s another tip: Most guys although they won’t admit to it, love anal play, so buy yourself a strap-on dildo. Not too big, latex rubber is the best. Obviously you will be wearing this when you are spanking him with the paddle. Then you can tell him he is going to be punished for leering at the bridesmaids (most do) so get him on all fours then give him the black donga but don’t forget to apply plenty of lubricant.
For breakfast in the morning, revert to the norm and choose a bridal lingerie set that has a matching robe. Then you are set to enjoy reminiscing about the night of passion.
Remember sexy lingerie looks good, but it’s the surprise and unexpected element which is remembered.

For later when you are on honeymoon, go with some more erotic lingerie. A flirty baby doll set is just the thing. Babydolls are fun, affordable and very erotic. When shopping for your bridal lingerie, wander through the more exotic selections. Look for something in your groom’s favorite color. Then find a long robe to put over your baby doll so you can do a big reveal on your honeymoon. He might enjoy that or he might want you to put on the Dominatrix set again, so be firm and tell him this is your night. Warn him if he does not stop with this selfish attitude he will never see the Black Donga again. He will buckle down trust me, and in no time he will be truly under your thumb.

Wedding Night Dominatrix with paddle

Wedding Night Dominatrix with paddle and strap-on to be considered as an alternative to the usual white panty and robe

Getting married is a great time to refresh your lingerie and panty drawer. Throw out all those tired panties and worn out bras. It’s time to start fresh, and remember what money was your husband’s is now yours. He will surely appreciate the new lingerie as well as the new shoes, dresses, handbags, coats and jewelry. If he complains use No Sex as the method for his submissiveness. Shopping for lingerie items to start your new life together is a great break from the stressful planning of the wedding. Call up your best girlfriend and go shopping with his Credit Card. Maybe she will find something she likes too, so buy her it, real friends need looking after.
Remember, you are a newly married woman and you have a man to tease, control, and if he deserves it …… please.
Author P Haich Marriage Councilor to the Stars


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