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WHICH ONE ARE YOU? (Does not apply to Premium Members)

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All those members who haven't filled in their profiles, or ignore the participation requirements, or didn't purchase Premium membership then you STILL have access except the following:

1. Private message system
2. All Premium Extras
3. The Free PrOn forum
4. The gallery,
5, The chatroom,
6. The members list and profiles.

If you receive a warning for non participation then I will not waste any more time issuing the next one

EVERYTHING ELSE is available to Restricted Accounts

My energy is wasted trying to get more PARTICIPATION and making GOOD use of server costs within this community, so I encourage all members to JOIN in and become, by true definition, a MEMBER of this community – which will cause a great deal of pleasure all round.

However I need to point out that simply putting up a couple of posts etc and then going back to sleep isn't what this exercise is all about. It is to do with active PARTICIPATION when you occasionally visit.

So by definition PARTICIPATION means any of the following in the forum:

1. An occasional post in the forum when something interests you.

2. A comment of appreciation on members uploads

4. A story or anecdote about one of your own experiences

By definition PARTICIPATION means any or all of the following in the Gallery:

1. Keeping an updated album, don't upload 20 pics and leave it for 6 months or so, rather save some and keep adding a pic or two to bump up your album. DON'T upload pictures which are not of you!! and don't upload pictures containing other sites graffiti.

2. Making comments on other members pictures, if you enjoy it then say so, it doesn't commit you to marriage or making your fucking ass available!!.

By definition PARTICIPATION means helping keep this place free from lurkers by using the REPORT button when you view their profiles.

Bottom line is why do you visit if there is nothing here which interests you, so get involved and enjoy yourself, no one here is allowed to ridicule or criticize any other member unless there is an exceptional reason.


Jan 31 2013 04:55 PM
where are all the pantyholics at in aztec, nm?
lots of good sites have been shut down do to non-participation. server cousts are expencive..
irequested premium membership now i am trying to pay cant seem to getv it done please help
My guess is the 1%. Cannot figure out why I am still pending.

Aug 11 2014 04:09 AM
Any cute gay boys in Las Vegas, NV into wearing panties also?
If I sign up for Premium membership will I be able to delete pictures in my picture gallery? and will the limitation of pictures up loaded  be removed? so I can better manage my gallery? This is very important to me and I do not have that ability as a free member.
Apologies for having been absent for far too long.  What can I say in my defence?  I've been very busy both at home and at work.  Things at work were very stressful with several rounds of redundancies but I'm still there, so I am fortunate.  I've recently lost quite a bit of weight so some of my old lingerie now fits me beautifully. I said IT fits beautifully, I'm not so vain or stupid to say I'M beautiful, although if anyone wants to argue with me I'd love them to say so.  Love and kisses to you all, I'm back! XXX