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  • Contrary to popular belief running a web site is expensive so sadly it's not possible to offer unlimited resources for free membership.
    Pantykin has been going strong for over 7 years and relies on the voluntary $40 premium membership fee for it's survival.
    For that $40 per annum you will enjoy unlimited resources and access to premium areas and downloads and a few other goodies I throw in occasionally......
    Listening to previous concerns from married members payments are now made via my other non adult web site, so Pantykin will be on any Credit/debit card statements.
    l can also accept cash and money orders in the US.

    I sometimes get praise for maintaining this site, but without the support from it's members who contribute financially and those who participate then it's existence would slowly die.
    If you are against supporting the community and purchasing membership then please sign out now and you are free to browse any unrestricted areas
    Care to support us? then simply select the radio button on the left to continue.
    Thanks for reading and hopefully understanding.
    After purchase premium membership is not automatic so please be patient even if it's a couple of days until I am next online.
    If you have no intention of purchase then please do not continue PH Webmaster and owner

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