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Pantykin a Brief Description

Welcome To Pantykin a Men in Panties Community

Pantykin - A Brief Explanation

Welcome to Pantykin.com!, a home for guys and gurls who love to wear panties. A community for Panty lovers, Cross dressers, Transvestites and for anyone who loves seeing the male body in the most erotic piece of flimsiness ever made: PANTIES!
The word is itself full of promise, and I hope you will find this site just as promising. All you need do is register, its free and easy and you will see more of what's on offer. Sadly there are adverts but they are required to keep the site free, but for a small charge you can upgrade to Premium membership (which gives you loads of other great extras). Have a look at the many photo galleries, all from members and read the comments from viewers. There are stories about crossdressing, contributions from members about waxing, bras, high heels, douches, anal sex, in fact almost everything including preening and grooming for the avid panty wearer.........
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Transgender Soldier.

07 Mar 2015

Posted by tinyguy23 in General News
Many may find this of interest:

What I found unusual was down at the bottom of the page is a list of Related Ad Topics. Number one is Luxury Crossover SUVs.  Really??

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Crossdressing in Pakistan

26 Jan 2015

Posted by Admin in Panty News Flash

Cross Dressing in Pakistan

TweetRAWALPINDI, Pakistan (AP) — By day, 27-year-old Waseem Akram sells mobile phone accessories from an alleyway shop in an old neighborhood of this Pakistani city. But by night, Akram stands before a mirror, shaving away his beard and picking through mascara and rouge to become Rani, a female wedding party dancer “Life is so hard, […]

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Leather Bondage Man UK Fined for Whipping a Transvestite

15 Dec 2014

Posted by Pantyholic in General News
A man wearing leather bondage gear who was whipping a transvestite in a country lane has been fined for careless driving after he tried to speed away when he was spotted.

Kinky David Wallace was taking part in a spanking session with another man when the randy pair was spotted by a couple walking with their daughter.

Wallace, 51, was wearing a studded leather bondage collar as he thrashed the behind of an unknown man dressed in women's clothing.

Dumfries Sheriff Court heard how the second man was seen to be wearing a dress and blonde wig as Wallace whipped his behind in broad daylight in October.

Astonished parents Allan Pagan and Natalie Fairhurst caught the pair in the act while out walking with their two-year-old daughter near their home in Waterbeck, Dumfriesshire.

The two men jumped into a car and drove away quickly, and the court heard how Ms Fairhurst was forced to leap out of the way to avoid being hit by the vehicle.

But the couple took down Wallace's car number as he fled with his partner and police used the registration to find him, the Daily Record reports.

Wallace, of Loweswater Avenue, Workington, Cumbria, admitted conducting himself in a disorderly manner with the unknown other man in October, by engaging in an act of sadomasochism.

He also admitted driving carelessly and was fined a total of £400.

Police are still trying to trace the man in the dress.

Natalie, 35, said after the incident: "It seemed like they wanted to be caught. To say we were raging is an understatement."

Allan, 39, added: "They wheel spinned away and we walked on in total shock. We didn't say a word because we were tripping over our bottom lips."

  1,195 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Denise )


Transgender Labour Candidate

09 Dec 2014

Posted by emilie in General News
Thought some of you may be interested in this,:-

Posted Image


Sorry for the link PH, don't know what to do

  907 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by satinexpress )


Public toilets will close after dark over fears transvestite had set up home

18 Nov 2014

Posted by Pantyholic in General News
Posted Image

A VILLAGE'S public toilets are to be locked up at night after it emerged a transvestite may have been sleeping there.
The Tollesbury public toilets in Woodrolfe Road, Tollesbury, are regularly left open overnight, despite the official opening hours of 9am to 5pm.
But Tollesbury Parish Council heard at a meeting last month that a "transvestite" had been spotted in the toilets at 5am and may have even been living there without anyone's knowledge.
Cllr Harry Nixon, who told the council about it during a meeting at the Pavilion, told the Chronicle: "There was a problem with someone living in the toilet as they had to be removed on a couple of occasions, but I have no idea who it was."
The men's, ladies and disabled toilets had been left open by the former cleaner on some evenings "as a gentleman had exposed himself to her" in the building and she was too scared to return, the council heard.
Posted Image

The matter was then brought to the attention of Maldon District Council, which operates the facility, and the toilets are now being locked by someone who lives in the village.
A woman, who wants to remain anonymous and lives in Crescent Road nearby, said: "We know that there have been people using the toilets after hours although I don't know who was using them. It's very important that the toilets remain locked after hours because we don't want kids and drug users turning it into a hang-out."
Another resident, of Woodrolfe Road, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: "There are some rumours saying that people have been seen hanging around the toilets until late at night.
Posted Image

"It seems like a peculiar place for a transvestite to make their home, I would have thought.
"They need to be locked though because all sorts could happen if they are just left open."
Tollesbury's public toilets only reopened at the start of 2013 after undergoing a makeover.
They were closed for almost a year after Maldon District Council decided it could not afford the £3,000-a-year running costs, but reconsidered after a campaign by villagers.
A spokesman for Maldon District Council said: "The cleaner worked for Superclean, our contractors, but we understand had been unwell and therefore they had been locking and unlocking the toilets at irregular times.
"The toilets are opened and closed now as per the regular hours by a member of our staff."

Someone needs to educate these people, unless they are deliberately playing down this cottage.

  416 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by mic091221 )


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