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Pantykin a Brief Description

Welcome To Pantykin a Men in Panties Community

Pantykin - A Brief Explanation

Welcome to Pantykin.com!, a home for guys and gurls who love to wear panties. A community for Panty lovers, Cross dressers, Transvestites and for anyone who loves seeing the male body in the most erotic piece of flimsiness ever made: PANTIES!
The word is itself full of promise, and I hope you will find this site just as promising. All you need do is register, its free and easy and you will see more of what's on offer. Sadly there are adverts but they are required to keep the site free, but for a small charge you can upgrade to Premium membership (which gives you loads of other great extras). Have a look at the many photo galleries, all from members and read the comments from viewers. There are stories about crossdressing, contributions from members about waxing, bras, high heels, douches, anal sex, in fact almost everything including preening and grooming for the avid panty wearer.........
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Crossdresser pleads guilty to a Ronald McDonald hold-up

24 Aug 2015

Posted by Pantyholic in General News
A cross-dressing man robbed a McDonald's restaurant using a make-up canister he claimed was an explosive device, a court has been told.
Leon Evangelistis, 48, wore a ginger wig, pink shawl, black fishnet stockings and skirt and heels. He approached the counter at the Laverton North restaurant on February 8, when the assistant manager saw something in a cup, the County Court heard on Monday.
"I have got something in the cup that I could detonate. You need to open up the till and give me money," Evangelistis told the woman.

Posted Image
Leon Evangelistis leaves the County Court after pleading guilty to armed robbery. Photo: Eddie Jim
After he walked around the counter, the robber said: "I will hurt you if you don't do what I say. Open the till. No one needs to get hurt. Just open the till."

Evangelistis, who was under the effects of the drugs ice and Xanax, took $200 when the cash register was opened and fled on foot, even though he had ridden a bicycle there, the court heard.
The father of five pleaded guilty to armed robbery and counts of attempted theft and possessing a drug of dependence. The latter charges related to his attempts to steal a bicycle at Werribee train station 13 days after the robbery.
Posted Image
CCTV pictures of the robbery. Photo: Supplied
Evangelistis told police the object he claimed was an explosive device was actually a make-up canister, the court heard.
Defence counsel Melinda Walker asked acting chief judge Michael McInerney to consider deferring a jail term so Evangelistis could continue undergoing rehabilitation in an effort to beat a drug addiction.
Ms Walker said her client, who also has mental-health problems, told police he had planned to use the money he stole to buy drugs so he could take his own life.
Evangelistis was estranged from his wife and children at the time, the court heard.
Acting chief judge McInerney said deferring a punishment might be inappropriate, as Evangelistis had previously blown a chance when sentenced to six months jail and a six-month community corrections order over a 2001 armed robbery.
Prosecutor Temple Saville called for an immediate jail term for serious offending against a "soft" and vulnerable target.
Evangelistis, who is undergoing rehabilitation in Hoppers Crossing, had his bail extended to return to court on Tuesday.


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Thief shouts through letterbox before stealing knickers from washing line

13 Apr 2015

Posted by Pantyholic in Panty News Flash
A pervert made sexual comments through a woman's letterbox before stealing a pair of her knickers from a washing line, police said.
Cops in Burnley, Lancashire, said he also made lewd comments through a second woman's letterbox.
The knicker thief struck at around 2am on Saturday, when women at two separate houses in Wordsworth Street, Hapton, were disturbed by him banging on their doors.
Police said the man made sexually suggestive comments through the letterbox after they refused to open the door to him, before stealing a pair of knickers from one of the victim's washing lines.
Officers said he was wearing dark clothing, although detectives investigating the "unusual incident" did not have a more detailed description.
Patrols have been stepped up in the area in a bid to reassure the public and to try and find the person responsible.
Coun Joanne Greenwood, who represents the area on Burnley Council, said: "It sounds laughable but I'm sure it was very frightening and not funny for the two women involved.
Posted Image
"It's really bizarre.
"It sounds almost funny but it's absolutely serious and not funny at all for the victims.
"I'm sure when the police finally track down this guy, they will find he has issues because to steal underwear is just odd."
Detective Sergeant Alisa Wilson, from Burnley CID, is urging anyone who witnessed a man acting suspiciously in Hapton on Saturday to contact them.
She said: "This is an unusual and isolated incident which has left the two women shaken and distressed.
"I believe the man responsible may have been in the area for some time and I am appealing for anyone who may have seen him loitering to make contact with police.
"Patrols have been increased in the area and inquiries are ongoing to identify the man."
Coun Jean Cunningham, who also represents the area on Burnley Council, said: "This is quite a disturbing thing to have happened.
"I would appeal for anybody who has any information whatsoever to come forward and help the police with their inquires.
"It's not something that I have ever heard of happening before and it gives me great concern.
"My advice to residents is that they should always keep the chain of their doors on and to remain extra careful, especially at night.
"I hope that the police's investigation can be helped by anybody who can."

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Transgender Soldier.

07 Mar 2015

Posted by tinyguy23 in General News
Many may find this of interest:

What I found unusual was down at the bottom of the page is a list of Related Ad Topics. Number one is Luxury Crossover SUVs.  Really??

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Crossdressing in Pakistan

26 Jan 2015

Posted by Admin in Panty News Flash

Cross Dressing in Pakistan

TweetRAWALPINDI, Pakistan (AP) — By day, 27-year-old Waseem Akram sells mobile phone accessories from an alleyway shop in an old neighborhood of this Pakistani city. But by night, Akram stands before a mirror, shaving away his beard and picking through mascara and rouge to become Rani, a female wedding party dancer “Life is so hard, […]

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Leather Bondage Man UK Fined for Whipping a Transvestite

15 Dec 2014

Posted by Pantyholic in General News
A man wearing leather bondage gear who was whipping a transvestite in a country lane has been fined for careless driving after he tried to speed away when he was spotted.

Kinky David Wallace was taking part in a spanking session with another man when the randy pair was spotted by a couple walking with their daughter.

Wallace, 51, was wearing a studded leather bondage collar as he thrashed the behind of an unknown man dressed in women's clothing.

Dumfries Sheriff Court heard how the second man was seen to be wearing a dress and blonde wig as Wallace whipped his behind in broad daylight in October.

Astonished parents Allan Pagan and Natalie Fairhurst caught the pair in the act while out walking with their two-year-old daughter near their home in Waterbeck, Dumfriesshire.

The two men jumped into a car and drove away quickly, and the court heard how Ms Fairhurst was forced to leap out of the way to avoid being hit by the vehicle.

But the couple took down Wallace's car number as he fled with his partner and police used the registration to find him, the Daily Record reports.

Wallace, of Loweswater Avenue, Workington, Cumbria, admitted conducting himself in a disorderly manner with the unknown other man in October, by engaging in an act of sadomasochism.

He also admitted driving carelessly and was fined a total of £400.

Police are still trying to trace the man in the dress.

Natalie, 35, said after the incident: "It seemed like they wanted to be caught. To say we were raging is an understatement."

Allan, 39, added: "They wheel spinned away and we walked on in total shock. We didn't say a word because we were tripping over our bottom lips."

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