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Pantykin a Brief Description

Welcome To Pantykin a Men in Panties Community

Pantykin - A Brief Explanation

Welcome to Pantykin.com!, a home for guys and gurls who love to wear panties. A community for Panty lovers, Cross dressers, Transvestites and for anyone who loves seeing the male body in the most erotic piece of flimsiness ever made: PANTIES!
The word is itself full of promise, and I hope you will find this site just as promising. All you need do is register, its free and easy and you will see more of what's on offer. Sadly there are adverts but they are required to keep the site free, but for a small charge you can upgrade to Premium membership (which gives you loads of other great extras). Have a look at the many photo galleries, all from members and read the comments from viewers. There are stories about crossdressing, contributions from members about waxing, bras, high heels, douches, anal sex, in fact almost everything including preening and grooming for the avid panty wearer.........
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Public toilets will close after dark over fears transvestite had set up home

18 Nov 2014

Posted by Pantyholic in General News
Attached File  transvestite-cottage-essex.jpg   83.57K   1 downloads

A VILLAGE'S public toilets are to be locked up at night after it emerged a transvestite may have been sleeping there.
The Tollesbury public toilets in Woodrolfe Road, Tollesbury, are regularly left open overnight, despite the official opening hours of 9am to 5pm.
But Tollesbury Parish Council heard at a meeting last month that a "transvestite" had been spotted in the toilets at 5am and may have even been living there without anyone's knowledge.
Cllr Harry Nixon, who told the council about it during a meeting at the Pavilion, told the Chronicle: "There was a problem with someone living in the toilet as they had to be removed on a couple of occasions, but I have no idea who it was."
The men's, ladies and disabled toilets had been left open by the former cleaner on some evenings "as a gentleman had exposed himself to her" in the building and she was too scared to return, the council heard.
Attached File  transvestite-cottage-essex-3.jpg   19.6K   1 downloads

The matter was then brought to the attention of Maldon District Council, which operates the facility, and the toilets are now being locked by someone who lives in the village.
A woman, who wants to remain anonymous and lives in Crescent Road nearby, said: "We know that there have been people using the toilets after hours although I don't know who was using them. It's very important that the toilets remain locked after hours because we don't want kids and drug users turning it into a hang-out."
Another resident, of Woodrolfe Road, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: "There are some rumours saying that people have been seen hanging around the toilets until late at night.
Attached File  transvestite-cottage-essex-2.jpg   33.97K   0 downloads

"It seems like a peculiar place for a transvestite to make their home, I would have thought.
"They need to be locked though because all sorts could happen if they are just left open."
Tollesbury's public toilets only reopened at the start of 2013 after undergoing a makeover.
They were closed for almost a year after Maldon District Council decided it could not afford the £3,000-a-year running costs, but reconsidered after a campaign by villagers.
A spokesman for Maldon District Council said: "The cleaner worked for Superclean, our contractors, but we understand had been unwell and therefore they had been locking and unlocking the toilets at irregular times.
"The toilets are opened and closed now as per the regular hours by a member of our staff."

Someone needs to educate these people, unless they are deliberately playing down this cottage.

  37 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by emilie )


Bisexual Visibility Day

23 Sep 2014

Posted by willinwa in General News
Apparently today, September 23, is Bisexual Visibility Day, or Celebrate Bisexuality Day, or Bisexual Pride Day.
So -- Happy Bi Day to all my fellow bisexual, or bi curious, or bi friendly panty wearing members!

  892 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by emilie )


An Officer and a Murderer

20 Apr 2014

Posted by Pantyholic in General News
Just watched the TV movie An Officer and a Murderer and considering television movies are usually pretty crap (well I think so :) ) this was pretty good. It's about the secret life of Colonel Russell Williams, the prolific panty burglar which later led to him raping and killing.
Because of his standing within the community, he was perhaps the last person police would suspect. During his reign he amassed a collection of hundreds of items of women's lingerie from their homes, where he also engaged in voyeuristic performances. He carefully logged his burglaries in a journal took hundreds of photos and kept a diary of the items he stole and the women he spied on.

Posted Image

You can tell he was in the military look how neatly arranged his collection was. :wank:
Posted Image

Anyway heads up on this one so grab a torrent if you haven't seen it, oh and the guy was born in Bromsgrove, West Midlands, England, so at least Canadians can breath some sighs of relief.

Posted Image

  732 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Pantyholic )


To Much Fun In Panties

12 Aug 2014

Posted by Denise in Panty News Flash
A man suspected of being a drunk driver while wearing woman's underwear crashed his car into a retirement home overnight, Tampa police say.

Officers responding to the scene found a gaping hole in the side of the Baptist Manor retirement home on Hyde Park Place near Plant Avenue and a destroyed Ford Mustang.

The crash sent smoke into the 13-story building where 300 seniors live. No residents were evacuated or injured.

According to authorities, the man driving the car was 28-year-old Rico Antwan Jones, who is well known to police. Also known as Diamond, Jones has many previous arrests for prostitution, according to police records.

Posted Image

At the time of the crash, police say Jones was wearing only women's underwear, a bra and high heels. He was able to climb out of the wrecked car and run away from the crash scene but police caught up with a block away.

The car crashed right next to the building's main air intake vent, sending smoke billowing into the retirement home.

Jones was taken to Tampa General Hospital to be treated for injuries before being taken to Orient Road Jail. He has been charged with felony fleeing and eluding and leaving the scene of an accident.

Police also suspect Jones was impaired, adding that a DUI unit had tried to pull him over moments before the crash but he sped away.

Posted Image


  512 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Pantyholic )


Ms.Puppy Tranny Housekeeper Gets 30years for Killings

21 Jul 2014

Posted by Pantyholic in Panty News Flash
A 58-year-old man pleaded guilty Friday to beating two men to death and hiding their bodies in their Denver home in 2011.

Posted Image
Daryl Rasmussen, who pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder, was sentenced to 30 years in jail, according to state records. Thirteen other charges including first-degree murder were dismissed by the Denver district attorney's office.

Rasmussen was indicted by a Denver grand jury in December.

He killed Ramiro "Rome" Sanchez II, 56, and his partner, Ronald Ford, 63, in their home in late January 2011. Rasmussen, who was living with Sanchez and Ford, allegedly stole their car and identities before he fled the state.

Investigators found Ford's body inside the home Feb. 11, 2011. A week later, investigators found Sanchez's body in the home's basement.

Both men died from blunt-force trauma to the head.

Sanchez and Ford formerly operated La Fabula Grill and Cantina on West 26th Avenue in Denver.

Rasmussen, said to be a cross-dresser who went by the name "Ms. Puppy," was arrested in Palm Springs, Calif., six months after he fled Denver. A former Denver resident alerted police after he overheard Rasmussen introduce himself as "Ms. Puppy" in a bar.

Posted Image

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